Join the Implant5ure Plan

Patients can experience unforeseen complications with dental health generally and the same is true for implant dentistry despite high surgical success rates. No one can predict what could happen in five years time with either the implant or the restoration but you can guarantee peace of mind for you and your patients.

Show your patients how much you care by demonstrating your commitment to them with a 5 year patient guarantee.

By joining the Implant5ure Guarantee Plan, you are purchasing insurance which enables you to offer a 5 year Guarantee to patients provided in the form of an insurance policy.

JOIN THE PLAN and make implant5ure part of your responsible patient offer

Simply complete the enclosed registration form and submit to us. We will process the application and reply to you with details of how to securely log in to the system with your own details.  

With secure log in, procedure details are entered for each patient together with patient details.

It’s as simple as that!